Home Doctor Service

NATIONAL HOME DOCTOR SERVICE – the new name for Melbourne Medical Deputising Service (MMDS)

Melbourne Medical Deputising Service (MMDS), the leading provider of quality after hours medical care to people across metropolitan Melbourne and regional areas such as Geelong, is now a part of NATIONAL HOME DOCTOR SERVICE.

When you call NATIONAL HOME DOCTOR SERVICE you'll be calling a new number – 13 SICK, but you can be assured you'll be receiving the same quality care.

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General Enquiries

For general enquiries please contact NATIONAL HOME DOCTOR SERVICE

Phone: 03 9429 5677 | Fax: 03 9427 1014

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Privacy Policy

Effective: October 2013

This policy statement has been prepared to inform you of your rights under the Privacy Act and to help us comply with our obligations under the National Privacy Principles.

NATIONAL HOME DOCTOR SERVICE is subject to the Privacy Act (1988) of the Commonwealth of Australia, being an organisation as defined by the Act that collect and store personal information.

Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000
This amendment to the Federal Privacy Act 1988 places a legal obligation on private sector organisations to protect the privacy of an individual’s personal information.

Health Records Act 2000 (Vic)
The purpose of this Act is to promote fair and responsible handling of health information by:

The legislation incorporates eleven Health Privacy Principles (HPP).

Use of your private information
In order to provide our patients with quality healthcare, we need to hold and use information such as your name and address, healthcare information that you, your treating doctor or other health practitioner may provide to us. This personal information will only be used for the purposes of meeting your healthcare needs, unless you consent to its use for other purposes, or the law permits its use for other purposes. From time to time you may receive information that may assist you in managing your health. Please note that we do not collect personal information on all transactions.

We securely maintain Medicare numbers to allow more efficient processing of your healthcare needs and to accurately identify patients.

Much of the information we collect is required to be collected by law, is necessary to provide you with healthcare services and to assure the security of the doctors that provide the care. In some circumstances, if you do not provide us with certain information about yourself, we will not be able to provide you with the service that you require.

All personal information collected, will be held and stored in a secure manner. We do not routinely disclose your personal information to other people or organisations, except to provide it to other healthcare providers, when necessary to provide you with the level of health service that you require.

It is an accreditation and quality systems requirement that NATIONAL HOME DOCTOR SERVICE carries out regular surveys of patient and GP attitudes to the after hours service that it provides. This information is gathered anonymously and is used to assist in improving the quality of service provided.

Home Doctor Service reserves the right to communicate with patients and / or their carers about the after hours service and related matters.

You can request access to the personal information that we hold about you. If you make a request, we will require you to fill out the necessary form and pay the required fee. There is no charge for lodging the request to access your information, however there may be a charge for the time involved and associated costs in recovering and providing the information to you.

Patient access to their health records
Legislation requires that a request for access to a medical record must be made by the patient in writing. Please contact the NATIONAL HOME DOCTOR SERVICE during business hours on 07 3831 9999 and we will assist with your enquiry.

NATIONAL HOME DOCTOR SERVICE may use your feedback obtained from emails, social media or letters as testimonials. Patient details will always be deidentified, with only the initials and suburb and/or state and date received, published.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding your privacy, please raise it with us, as we may be able to resolve the issue. If you are still concerned, you may lodge a formal complaint with the Privacy Commissioner at: Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 1042.

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